Alternative Investment

Welcome to SMART INVESTMENT SINGAPORE home page, this is an informational website on alternative investments and other related investment updates. We bring you the latest updates on property developer projects and reviews that are from current investors who have invested in such alternative investments before.

What are ‘Alternative Investments’ ?

Alternative investment is characterized as investment backed by assets or collateral, most of these inverstments are illiquid until maturity. Alternative investments include real assets, commodities, and structured products from other countries. Alternative investments ranges from property, land, oil, wine, agriculture, coal, gold, stamps etc.

It can be bought by large instituitional investors such as pension fundshedge funds, private equity firms and accredited High-Net-Worth Individuals.

Why is it popular?

Alternative Investments are favored because their returns have a Low Correlation with those of underlying assets.Large Institutional Funds such as Pensions and Private Equity firms are using collective investment scheme to allocate a small portion of their portfolio to Alternative Investments to diversify their risks. Alternative Investments are not new. Since ancient times, people have used real assets to enhance and preserve wealth.

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